Prayer Resources

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You may find these especially helpful while we can’t meet together to pray but they are also great ways of enriching our prayer life under more normal circumstances.:

  • An Act of Spiritual Communion – for use at any time. Click here to access.
  • Time to Pray app – everything you need for Prayer During the Day, with variations according to the day of the week and the season of the Church’s year. Download for free.
  • The BBC’s Daily Service and Sunday Worship
  • Prayer for the day – each day the Church of England publishes audio and text of the Prayer for the Day.
  • Smart speakers – daily prayer audio content can be accessed via the Church of England smart speaker apps.
  • Live streaming services – you can watch live streams of Morning and Evening Prayer (Tuesday to Friday) and Sunday worship at All Saints (see our main page for details), and for other churches also live streaming check achurchnearyou.
  • Daily Prayer Booklet – this outlines a simple service of prayer for each day of the week, with a suggested reading and psalm for each week of the month. This order of service can be used at any time of the day. You may like to set aside a quiet space with a cross or an icon in which to say it. You may find it helpful to allow some small silences between each part of the service leaving space just to be with God and to let God be with you.
  • Prayer Partnering – Using the daily prayer booklet or other materials, prayer can be very effective over the telephone.  You may have a friend you would like to partner up with for prayers, or contact Fr. James if you would like to be “partnered.”  Fixing the same time each day can be helpful in giving some structure to this time.
  • Sundays and Red Letter Days – this suggests themes for prayer and reading for every Sunday between now and Trinity Sunday (7th June) and for some of the ‘Red letter days’ that fall on weekdays. You may like to use these as an extra resource and guide to prayer when using the Daily Prayer booklet.

Mental Health Resources

Other Resources

Something for families to do together: Psalm Walk
Something for everyone:  Ideas and actions for improving mental health
Something to listen to:   Bible storytelling and worship podcasts for families
Something for parents:  How to talk to your kids about racism
Something to get involved in:  UK youth charity listens to young black voices
Something to read:  A Christian reflection on history and racism
Something to watch:  Unconscious bias and lack of visual representation in the church
Something to reflect on:  Challenging racism in the Church of England