Prayers, Worship and Online Courses

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Topical Prayers

You are invited to use these texts in your own worship and private prayer. You don’t have to know any particular prayers if you want to pray – in fact, fixed texts can sometimes get in the way – but the ones listed here may help you to think about ideas, images, and forms of words you can use. Click this link to get started. Topical Prayers

Online Courses

The wonderful variety of courses offered by the Cathedral Study Centre have now been made available online. Do check out what’s on by clicking this link.  Online Learning

Everyday Faith

Our daily lives are often very full. Full of things to do. Full of meetings and deadlines. Full of places to be. Full of people to meet.

For some they may be full of time on our hands. Full of hopes we would like to fulfil. Full of things we don’t want to face. Where is God during our daily lives? How do we find God in fullness, in the full-ness of everyday life?  For more information click the link below.

Everyday Faith