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Holy Trinity is open again for Sunday 10am and Wednesday 10am services!  

Services will continue to be live streamed on our YouTube channel, and accessible through our Facebook page and this Website.

Welcome to Holy Trinity Leverstock Green. We are a vibrant and warm church at the heart of village life; a church that is open to the whole community, and works in partnership with other village organisations to serve their needs; a church with prayer and worship as the bedrock, where individuals at all stages are encouraged to grow in their faith.

Church Services

Attending Worship at Holy Trinity, Leverstock Green, during COVID19

What To Expect!

Welcome back! We look forward to worshipping in our church again. Clearly this will not be for everyone, as some are more vulnerable and keeping up their isolation. Please don’t feel any pressure – you know what’s right for you. We are working hard to help one another stay safe, so if you expect to attend, please take note of the following guidance. Thank you.

Before you arrive:

  • As masks are mandatory in church (unless you are exempt) we can accommodate 35 people at 1m spacing. We will operate on a first come, first served basis, and there is some overspill space in the Trinity Room. It would also be helpful if some of those who can attend on Wednesdays do so, to ease the pressure on Sundays.
  • We ask you to consider your own risk of attending an indoor gathering. While we will be taking a number of steps to keep you safe, we cannot make this risk-free. You might want to look at the NHS information and be guided by their advice: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/whos-at-higher- risk-from-coronavirus/
  • We ask you NOT to attend the service if you have: A new cough – A temperature – Lost your sense of smell or taste
  • You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitiser, though gel will be provided at sanitising stations.
  • Please do not share lifts except with those in your household or ‘bubble’.
  • Pew cushions have been removed, so you may wish to bring your own cushion if you need one for your own comfort.

When you arrive:

  • The doors will open 20 minutes before the service. Before that you will need to wait in the churchyard, 2 metres apart.
  • Access is only via the main porch doors. The sidespeople will let you in individually or in households. You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival, and follow the one way system. Go straight to a designated pew, filling from the front of church. Only the pews with cushions removed will be in use. Please sit apart from others, and leave a ‘one person’ gap at the end of the pew so that you are not too close to people moving in the aisles.
  • A collection will not be taken during the service, so your offering by cash or card can be made as you enter or on the way out.
  • The porch doors will remain open to allow some ventilation so you may notice it is a little cooler than usual.
  • The sidespeople will take some contact details which will be kept for 3 weeks and given to Track and Trace if someone later tests positive for coronavirus. They won’t be used for any other reason and if not needed they will be securely disposed of after 3 weeks.

During the Service

  • You will be given an Order of Service and at the end of the service, it should be dropped into a box by the door for quarantining.
  • The service will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel but those watching at home will only be able to see those in the chancel i.e. the priest, the reader and the person leading the prayers. For those worshiping at home, some elements of the service may be adapted to ensure it does not run too long, eg there will be only 2 of the 3 readings.
  • Due to the risk of airborne droplets, there will be no singing, though there will be organ music and some recorded hymns may be played.
  • We ask that when you say the responses you speak quietly and prayerfully – again to reduce risk of droplet spread.
  • When we share the peace, we cannot move from our places – we will simply gesture a sign of peace to one another. Please do not raise your voices.
  • During the distribution of communion, only bread will be shared. The priest will wear a mask and sanitise her hands before distribution.

Starting with those at the back, leave the pew by the side aisle, keeping your distance, and proceed to the crossing at the back.
Sanitiser will be offered, or you may want to use your own.
Go up the central aisle, keeping your distance, and receive Communion standing in front of the priest. Return to your seat via the side aisle.

  • If you do not wish to receive communion for any reason, that is absolutely fine. You are welcome to come forward for a blessing or to remain in your pew.
  • There will be no Junior Church and no children’s corner. Children are, of course, most welcome but they must remain in the pew with their families and not wander around as younger children will not understand how to keep their distance. Please bring some toys or colouring from home, if your children need them.
  • Only one toilet is in use, and this is accessible by going out of the porch and in the Trinity Room door. If there is a queue, please keep a 2m distance.

At the end of the service

  • After the priest has processed out, the sidespeople will ask you to leave a row at a time, starting at the back, so please be patient until you are asked to leave.
  • Please take all your possessions home with you, and be careful not to leave masks or tissues.
  • Do not stop to chat while leaving the building, and sanitise your hands on the way out.
  • Once in the churchyard you are welcome to talk in small groups of not more than 6, but please do not block other people’s exit from church, and remember to stay 2m apart from people from other households.
  • If you test positive for coronavirus up to three weeks after the service, please let us know.

Thank you.

The Rector and Church Wardens. 3.12.20


Sunday at 10am at church and on our YouTube channel. Download the service sheets via the links on the right.

Wednesday at 10am in church and Night Prayer (Compline) broadcast live on our Facebook page🙂 at 8pm : Download the service sheets via the links on the right.

We currently offer Night prayer on Mon, Weds & Thur at 8pm on Facebook live, and Morning Prayer at 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom – contact the Rector for the Zoom details.

If you need support, please call the Team Rector, Rev Lizzie Hood on 01442 264860

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Links to the latest advice from Public Health England, the Church of England, and the Diocese of St Albans.

What's On @ Holy Trinity

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Due to Covid-19 restrictions our normal pattern of services and activities is in abeyance but during the pandemic you might be interested know.  

Like for many, the Covid-19 pandemic means this is a challenging time for Holy Trinity financially. With our church closed to worshipers and visitors, most of our income has fallen away.  We will be very grateful for your support.  Your giving not only allows us to keep our church flourishing and grow but we can also continue working to support our parishioners and the local community. If you would like to make a donation online please click the button below.

With grateful and prayerful thanks, Holy Trinity Parochial Church Council.

You can also make a Donation by using this QR Code with your Smart Phone  


In these challenging days of lockdown, do come along to the churchyard for a peaceful walk. Pick up a leaflet from the porch, follow the white marker posts, and spend some time reflecting with words of scripture. Lots of autumn beauty to enjoy too. You are all most welcome.  Click on this link for more information.  Holy Trinity Churchyard Walk

Protecting your Mental Health

During this difficult time is vitally important and to help with this you can find guides to supporting your mental health by clicking on the links below.

A Guide to Supporting Your Mental Health

Guidance on Mental Health and Wellbeing and Coronavirus

Something to look forward to after the lockdown

St Alban Pilgrim Way.  A journey for the soul on your doorstep.  You can find more information about St Albans Pilgrim Way by clicking here.

Life Events @ Holy Trinity

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Marrying in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual just as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in – the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond.  You can find more information by clicking here.

Once you’ve decided to marry in church your first contact is our church administrator Norma Howie 01923 266596 saintskl2@tiscali.co.uk who will be very pleased to help you.


Anyone can get in touch with a church to find about having their child christened. During a christening your child will be baptized with water. It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family. You can find more information by clicking here.

If you wish to arrange a christening please contact our church administrator Norma Howie 01923 266596 saintskl2@tiscali.co.uk who will be very happy to help you.


Congratulations on wanting to explore confirmation with the Church of England. Confirmation can be an important part of a lifetime journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. You can find more information by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss getting confirmed contact our Rector, Revd Lizzie Hood 01442 264860 or lizziehood@aol.com. Lizzie’s rest day is Friday.


If someone you know and love has died, or dies within the next few days, of whatever cause, a small funeral, led by a Church of England minister can still be held in a church, or by a graveside, or at a crematorium. You can find more information by clicking here.

If you wish to arrange a funeral please contact is our church administrator Norma Howie 01923 266596 saintskl2@tiscali.co.uk who will be very pleased to help you.

Events @ Holy Trinity

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Safeguarding @ Holy Trinity

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As part of the Diocese of St. Albans in the Church of England, we are committed to safeguarding as an integral part of the life and ministry of the Church. This means taking action as a church to promote a safer culture where the welfare of children, young people and adults is paramount, to prevent abuse occurring, to protect those at risk and to respond well to those that have been abused. We will always take care to identify where a person may present a risk to others, and act accordingly.

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is – Mrs Pauline Lindsey who can be contacted about any safeguarding matter at 01442 269507 / 07855 731523 / lindsey.pauline@yahoo.com

The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser is Mr Jez Hirst who can be contacted at 01727 818107 / 07867 350886  safeguarding@stalbans.anglican.org  

Please use the links below to download our Safeguarding documentation.

For Safeguarding Children 28.5.21

For Safeguarding Adults 28..5.21

Holy Trinity Privacy Notice

Streaming of Services 

We would like to apologise to all those who unsuccessfully tried to access our live stream service last Sunday 11th July.  Normal service will be resumed this Sunday.  Thank you for your patience.

We will be streaming our main services and you will be able find Service Sheets to download here:

Next Events

Regular Events


8am: Said Prayer Book Eucharist
10am: Sung Common Worship Eucharist & Junior Church – followed by prayers for healing on the 1st of the month
3pm: Occasional special services – Children’s Praise, Celebration of Marriage, choral  services, Annual Service of Remembrance &  Thanksgiving


2pm to 4pm: Sewing Group
2pm to 4pm: Church Open
2nd Monday 7.45pm: Trinity Readers


9am: Morning Prayer
2nd Tuesday 7.30pm: Trinity Men’s Group – see program on this page
3rd Tuesday 10am: Music & Meditation
3rd Tuesday 8pm: Horseshoe Study Group



10am: Holy Communion
1st Wednesday 2pm: Mothers’ Union (quarterly)
3rd Wednesday 10am: Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion
2pm Craft Group: Meets weekly in the Trinity Room – all are welcome
Term time 2.45pm: School Collective Worship


9am: Morning Prayer
Term time 10am: Toddler Church
3rd Thursday 3pm to 5pm: Friendship Tea
3rd Thursday 8pm: Trinity Women’s Group


7pm Choir practice


9am: Morning Prayer
10am to 12 noon: Coffee shop & Traidcraft stall
1st Saturday 10am to 12 noon: Churchyard Gardening Party

For more information about Leverstock Green C of E Primary School visit  http://www.leverstockgreen.herts.sch.uk

Contact us @ Holy Trinity

The Revd. Lizzie Hood
Team Rector
01442 264860

The Revd. Jos Perris
Associate Priest
07979 590480



Church Address:

Holy Trinity Church
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Karan Ball 07970 790588 (Key Holder)
John Walker  01442 268095 (Key Holder)