Edition 43. Week commencing 31st May 2021

Dear Friends,     

It is written ‘man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God’” Matthew 4.4.

At St Benedict’s, there is a display of food and other items to help those in need. Nearby there is another table with the invitation : ‘Why not take something to feed your soul ?’ Although some items are picked up, I would love it if more were taken. Encouraging feedback from people at St Mary’s and St Benedict’s who enjoyed the material I provided for Advent, Lent and Thy Kingdom Come suggests more  could benefit from something that helps with a few minutes daily reflection on God’s word.  I know some of you do this. Katherine and I, for example,  have been receiving UCB’s ‘The Word for Today’ for over 15 years and it has often spoken with amazing accuracy into whatever was going on for us. It has so often fed us when we needed God’s caution, encouragement, or advice.

I’d be happy to get you a copy to try if you haven’t already used it. Just drop me an email or phone me and I’ll get you one. There are, of course, other devotionals, and if this doesn’t suit you why not try another? An internet search would turn up several from providers like CWR, BRF and so on.  Please accept my encouragement to feed your soul and mind as well as the body.

Volunteers needed for St Benedict’s community food table.  Since this opened on Wednesdays from 21st April, a number of people have been glad come to get some items to help their situation. Father James tells me he now has a volunteer for St Benedict’s who can help with receiving donations and replenishing the display at St Benedict’s. If we can get three more, these volunteers could be on a four-weekly rota and would be able to cover for sickness and holidays. Please will you or someone you know be able to help? Let me know and I will be glad to pass the details on.

News from the Vicarage

Since contracting Covid in October 2020, and returning to work in December, I have continued to battle the ongoing effects of ‘long Covid’. Katherine and I have been praying about the future, for I shall be 65 on 27th August. After discussion and prayer with Bishop Michael, we have decided it will be right to retire with effect from 30th September.

This is my fifth year of service as a Team Vicar in the Benefice of Langelei, and I have counted it  a privilege to work with everyone in the Team, and of course with the good people of St Benedict’s and St Mary’s. In the meantime, Katherine and I will enjoy continuing to serve God with you over the next few months, as well as preparing to move to our future home in Tonbridge, Kent. We shall be praying for you as you absorb this change and will be extremely glad of your ongoing prayers for us as we think about the big change of leaving stipendiary ministry and moving to a new area in the autumn.

With our love and prayers,      Richard  and Katherine.