Edition 36 Lent 5 Week beginning 22nd March 2021

Dear Friends

A time for reflection

Next Tuesday marks the first anniversary of the national lockdown. Marie Curie, joined by several organisations including the Church of England, has asked that there be a time to allow people to reflect together on the events that have affected so many of us.
We will be marking this by opening St Benedict’s  and St Mary’s on Tuesday 23rd March .
There will be some resources available in church:

  • A prayer card which visitors might wish to use.
  • Candles available to light in memory of those who have died in this past year.
  • The ringing of a bell at midday to acknowledge the enormity of loss over this past year, when over 125, 000 people have perished, and many have lost jobs and been left into financial crisis.

I hope that people from across Apsley as well as Bennett’s End will accept the invitation to pop into church for  a personal time of reflection. St Benedict’s will be open from 9am until 4pm and St Mary’s for a similar period.

Dear God,
Be with us as we think about all that has changed this year and help us to trust that you are always with us.
Be close to us as we remember those who have died, and help us to trust they are at peace with you.
Show us how to reach out to others with kindness and care, so that hope shines out in every heart and home,

Attending Worship in Holy Week and Easter I am glad that some people have already registered to attend worship in church on Palm Sunday and on Easter Day. Please use the contact numbers now if you haven’t yet booked a seat and would like to do so:

It is still important to book a place if you wish to attend either church in person.
For St M’s: by phone 07946 736267 or email 
For St B’s: by phone 07950 921707
 or email enitanonabamiro@gmail.com.

Coming back together as a church family. St Mary’s PCC gave some thought this week to how we could bring people together as we all start to come back to church over time. Plans are still underway, but I thought I’d share the idea that we propose to hold a bring and share meal on one Sunday a month during July, August and September (bearing in mind that some people might miss the first of these due to holidays or other plans). If you have other ideas, and would like to offer something e.g. to host a quiz, treasure hunt or some other event, I’m sure we’d welcome hearing from you.

If St Benedict’s would like to host one of the bring and share lunches, or indeed host other events, again please let me or Enitan know.

With our love and prayers  ,      Richard  and Katherine.