Edition 35 Lent 4 Week beginning 15th March 2021

Dear Friends

Bishop Alan has urged us to take up the offer of a vaccination against Covid 19 when offered. I was talking to Banke Onabamiro at the end of  last Sunday’s service, and I happened to ask her about vaccinations in Nigeria. She replied that the President and Vice President had been vaccinated but she knew nothing of vaccination plans for the population. Vaccine poverty is something we must be concerned about, both morally and scientifically: ‘no one is safe until all are safe’. Bishop Alan has asked each of us to consider giving a donation in thankfulness for our own vaccinations, so that either vaccines can be purchased for countries that need them or to support people living in communities that have been severely affected by the pandemic.  There are at least four  ways of doing so: The COVAX fund which is buying and delivering vaccines to countries around the world. The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, is collecting donations. There is also ‘Arm in Arm’, Celebrate, Donate, Vaccinate. Lastly, Christian Aid has an appeal for humanitarian relief in support of communities overseas affected by COVID that just don’t have the kind of social safety nets that we’re used here in the United Kingdom.

Please will you, as a special act of Lenten generosity,  donate to one of these in thanks for your own vaccination, and to enable people like Banke to be able to be vaccinated in good time?


Finally, I hope that many of you who have had your vaccination may wish to come in person to one of our services from Palm Sunday through to Easter. I mentioned in a  previous letter that we hope to give priority to those who have not been able to join worship online. We are operating under our risk assessment, so places at St Mary’s will be limited. However, we shall be holding services at St Benedict’s as well as at St Mary’s on some dates.

Here are the services happening in church which you might wish to consider:

28th March  10am St Mary’s Liturgy of the Palms plus Eucharist led by Revd Richard Howlett

10am St Benedict’s Liturgy of Palms and non-Eucharistic service led by Dr Bob Day

Weds 31st March 7.30pm Stations of the Cross at St Benedict’s (also on Zoom)

Maundy Thursday 1st April 7.30pm Eucharist  Led by Revd Richard Howlett

2nd April Good Friday 2-3pm An hour with the Cross at St Benedict’s, led by Dr Bob Day (also on Zoom)

2-3pm An hour with the Cross at St Mary’s, led by Revd Richard Howlett

Easter Day 4th April 10am Eucharist at St Benedict’s’, led by Revd Jos Perris (in church only)

10am Eucharist at St Mary’s led by Revd Richard Howlett (also on Zoom)


It is still important to book a place if you wish to attend either church in person:


With our love and prayers,      Richard  and Katherine.